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12 17 11 - Band Updates
Release Details

2nd Maxi Single 2012/3/7 [Wednesday] 【サバト】(sabato)

A Type - CD 2 songs [1. sabato 2. Akercock] + DVD [sabato PV] Price: 2,100 JPY

B Type - CD 2 songs [1. sabato 2. Akercock] + DVD [12/16 Oneman @ AREA live footage] Price: 1,890 JPY

Regular - CD 3 songs [1. sabato 2. Akercock 3. Divergence] Price: 1,560 JPY

1st Full Album Release 2012/5/2 [Wednesday] 「Emotional【KARMA】」

Limited - CD 11 songs + DVD 1 song Price: 3,675 JPY

Regular - CD 13 songs Price: 3,150 JPY

Oneman Details

3rd One Man Live 2012/4/6 [Friday] Ikebukuro Blackhole 「PentagramRAY」
Start: 7:00PM Price: 3,300JPY/3,800JPY
Lottery presales are up on e+ Dec. 24 [12:00PM]- Jan. 15 [6:00PM]
Regular sale starts March 3 through e+/Lawsons.

4th One Man Live 2012/6/8 [Friday] Shibuya O-West 「【KAR(L)MA】YR It goes mad」
Start: 7:00PM Price: 3,500JPY/4,000JPY [Day of]
Lottery presales are up on e+ Dec. 24 [12:00PM]- Jan. 15 [6:00PM]
Regular sale starts April 7 through e+.
As I was checking the OHP I noticed something intersting!

After today KILLING ME is (and will be) available on AmazonMP3.

Currently it can be found on Amazon JP, DE, UK, and FR. It has yet to come up on the American Amazon site, but I expect it will be up sometime today. As you know probably know Amazon region locks purchases (which is terribly annoying!), so if you're in America you will have to wait.

It is also available on itunes, but only if you're in Japan.

I think this is awesome that they're moving into the online realm and hopefully that will boost sales! So everyone make sure to check your region's AmazonMP3 downloads site to get your copy soon and support the boys!

For links to Amazon listings of MEJIBRAY and quick updates check HERE.
09 12 11 - SLIVER.EXE

The guys have announced that they will be putting out their first mini album, sliver.exe, on 12/07/2011! It will be five tracks and is priced at 2100 JPY.

That's exciting! Maybe we'll even get a full album out of them this time around. Looking forward to it :D

And don't forget to follow the tumblr. account for quicker updates.

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06 27 11 - hard reboot
~fan community~
Little over a week ago ex.VANESSA & ex. トゥーン工場 [toon factory] members made their session project official!

綴 [tsuzuku] ex.VANESSA
MiA ex.Toon Factory
一風 [ippu] ex.VANESSA
恋一 [koichi] ex.VANESSA
メト [meto] unkown
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